'I’ve played Passerby on repeat, for months it was the only album I wanted to listen to.' - Matt Berninger (The National) 

'I think Zoë’s lyrics are remarkable and together, she and Steve make musical magic. She has that kind of voice that, when it’s wrapped around the right words, can make you cry. It did me' - Lucinda Williams

Passerby named 'Album of the Year' by NPR's Bob Boilen

Passerby featured in Wall St Journal's Top 15 Albums of 2014

'Gorgeous and refined…timeless' - Rolling Stone

‘Bracing, subtle, tender and magnificent’ - Sub Pop co-founder Jonathan Poneman

‘Luxuriant vocals…emotionally compelling’ - MOJO

Passerby Album of the Week ABC RN, Triple R and Double J

Ryan Downey Press Shot (Landscape).jpg

Ryan Downey


'The voice of Big Sound 2016' Andrew MastThe Music General Managing Editor

'A jaw-dropping set of gorgeously constructed voice work.’ - The Music on Me & Her

'Ryan, in all his incredible insanity...has given it a charming twist and turned it into a real song.' Henry Wagons, Double J on Only Time

'In case it wasn't public knowledge yet let me make it clear; this dude's got one of the best voices in the country.' Dave Ruby Howe, Music Director Triple J Unearthed

'A live performance that leaves you lost for words...a true treasure of Melbourne.' - Tonedeaf

'★★★★' - The Music on Familiar Ground

'Haunting, with a voice of such darkened depth that we're drawn immediately in.' - Doug Wallen, Mess + Noise on The One

'There is so much great music out there, much of which has me saying, “This is so good.” Then there are the select few that make me go, “Whoa!”. These are songs that just bowl me over at first listen, and the new single by Ryan Downey does exactly that.'  The Revue on Only Time

Edge Radio Feature Album of The Week - Me & Her - March 2016